No hidden topics on marauders map

WoPideasblahblah 5 months ago updated by Carmen Devereux 5 months ago 1

It would be lovely if topics in your dorm(room) and the whole world wasn't hidden on the marauders map. one of the fun things about having a topic is that people can see that you are in that topic and gets curious. They don't have to be able to go into the topic, if they are not from that house, but I just want it to not be hidden.

This is due to the facts that some people will end up not being allowed to enter these forums. I would hate to press a topic on the map and then be met with: You can't be here.

Also I think it will be a lot of having to take into account clubs, because management club topics should not be shown on the map and I have a feeling that it isn't as simple to just flip a switch, as I think the commonroom forum works like club forums.