quidditch pitch booking

WoPideasblahblah 6 months ago updated 6 months ago 2

I don't know if this is do able, but if you could book/use the quidditch pitch (where you have the games) to train on, it would be nice. Right now we have to use other chats or even programs, to train quidditch, and it would be nice if there was a way to do this on the site, and with only the team (so not on house chat). And if you do it on the quidditch pitch you could implement a lot of the things that is used in the matches. Of cause it would be nice if people who are not on the team gets a "you are not suppsed to be here" message, if they try to attend the practice  

With 4 teams, the risk of a dispute is very high. Everyone wants to train at 8 p.m. In the end you could only train with this chat once a week and that's not enough for Quidditch. The solution via IRC or Discord is easier and more efficient. To do this, the chat would have to be changed every time by the leader of the house.

We only train once a week :D