backstory approval button for the team

WoPideasblahblah 7 months ago 0

When you are on the team that checks backstories and profiles you realise that not many put the "this is approves by xxx" in their profile and sometimes it can lead to double the work. Another one had a similar idea, but this would not be with a visible checkmark by their name, it would simply be a box on their BS or something that automatically said "this profile is checked and approved by xxx on xx/xx/xxx" and this would automatically be removed whenever the user changed in their BS. Even if they only change age, add a breakup, friend or anything like that it would not change the workload, since we already check active users very often.  It would just leave out the whole "please put this on your profile" part, which only 10% actually do - and we would easily see that it hadn't had any changes in it and therefor be able to work faste because we don't have to check and read it all(because even though we say that they should delete the approval, when they change something, I can understand if people forget it).