Fainted: Take money at the bank to restore

Wilena Carlisle 2 years ago updated by Meala Sang 2 years ago 1

Hello, hello, I want to give an idea. When you are fainted, you can choose to pay so you can recover faster. The choices are galleons and real money. If we are in a hurry and want to recover quickly, I thought it would be nice if we're able to take money from Gringotts for this one, because money that is not deposited in the bank can be reduced at some times.


"You are fainted... More text goes here

Another text and the time you will restored.

_ _ . _ _

[Pay €... ] [Pay ... Galleons]

You don't have enough money, take from Gringotts? [Yes/No]"


- Take Money in Gringotts -

Pay _ _ _ galleons? [Pay/No]

That's all, thanks for reading.


I really agree with this one. When I faint, I was going to pay some Galleons, but then I find that all my Gals are in Gringotts, so that I could only wait for 1 hour. I believe hardly anybody always keeps their money withdrawn, so it makes paying for the medicine quite inconvenient.