Realistic Additions

Euleogy 2 years ago 0

I know it was mentioned before, but the ability to purchase clothes makes me feel like there should be some way to equip them? Maybe also items with stats to them/enchanted things that could be equipped. So for that, I think some kind of simple avatar set up could be cool. Just something basic like you see in dress up games, not anything 3D and complicated.

As well, for the world outside, we have holidays and such, but it would be cool if you could buy or choose housing. I'm sure if it was all free everyone might be picking mansions, but I feel like options based on what's IC would fit better. Just in general little tweaks for immersion and realism would be cool.

Additionally, changing the relationships section to allow both account and fictional people, and organizing them by category would be awesome. Right now it's just in add order, which makes everything look thrown into a hat and shaken up. 

I know there's a ton in this idea, but just... generally realism/immersion is what I'm going for.