Calendar forem

Amethyst Grey 2 years ago updated by World of Potter 1 year ago 4

A calendar for future events like holidays and when students can access future classes and how long these events last for


I'm not sure what exactly you mean. Classes open up on the week the WoX site is on currently, which are I believe mentioned in the guides.

Might work with holidays or events, holidays though usually follows the IRL traditions. Events on the other hand might be a little tricky. Because the Event/PLOT team works on them continously and I guess they don't know very advanced what comes next and when. But once it's fixed might be nice to have it on the front page.

There are clubs that plan their own events, house teams, or the official plot team will do that themselves, so it does not make a ton of sense to have this be a feature for all users. :)

This is a bad idea, as management, and on occasion regular staff should be the only ones able to see the plans for events, class deadlines, BS deadlines, and team plans. Having a Calendar Page is really up to your MoM (Minister of Magic, or site Equivalent; Dark Green colored name) who can put specific events on the user page, but it is likely that it is already there.