A Different Kind of Potion - Human to Cat?

Ezra Prince 2 years ago updated by SemillonIvaNova 2 years ago 2

Hello there! Gyda Hansen here, and I had a kind of crazy idea - but maybe something that could be an idea would be a potion that turns users into cats, similar to how Hermione accidentally did it in the books? Might be fun! What it's called is totally up to you, but there's already the Canary Creams and having the cats might be an interesting twist.


i get the idea, but the Hermione thing was a failed polyjuice potion


Unfortunately, what you fail to mention, is that Hermione went to the hospital wing for days before she had returned to normal, and (in the movies) here eyes stayed catlike longer, with slight whiskers from her cheeks. A fun idea, but not at all canon.