Illustrator - At WoP EU

Hera 2 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 2

The Illustrator job at World of Potter EU was retired. I wondering why. Why don't it open again? I'm sure there are a lot of people with good talent in art and drawing.

Also if it can't, whether the things in there cannot be added?

Ideas and question


I believe the illustrator team on EU was retired because there wasn't a need to have illustrators anymore as all the items needed were already drawn. 

Also if I remember correctly (please correct me if I'm wrong) the WoP sites are managed and paid for by Dan who has his own team of people helping to efficiently run the sites, including an illustrator. So any additional items could be made by that illustrator, whereas with WoX sites that are publicly funded they need an illustrator team as they don't have items yet. 


The illustration team was not responsible for the actual drawings (they are done by an external artist, and paid for, yes). Instead the illustration team came up with ideas of new items and wrote the descriptions and texts for them on site, as well as reviewed the drafts from the illustrator. 
The team was removed from WoP EU because their leader didn't want to do it anymore. It's currently located on WoP DE. Right now there is no big need of new illustrations, though.