Minimum paragraphs/lines per topic reply

litleocub 2 years ago updated by not me 2 years ago 2

Some topic replies are only about 1 or 2 sentences long, and we should update the guidelines or rules so replying to an RP topic would require them to be a minimum of 1 paragraph or at least 3 sentences long. Too short replies make the RP topic:

a) boring, since nothing is happening in those 1 or 2 sentences. Most of the time, it's just dialogue. EX: "Sure," she shrugged.

b) unable to progress. Social interactions between those replying is necessary for progression. Progression being the start of a new friendship between two characters, or a problem arises for them, or even something as plain as someone tripping. Progression is what makes the topic interesting, and this also supports point (a).

Giving a minimum for replying would also help other people practice their writing, so they can get used to writing more events with better grammar, punctuation, or even their choice of words.


Perhaps that can be one of the things you set in creating the topic, along with language! Like, set the language, and then set the minimum words! If you want a far more complicated topic, you can set it higher- 200, 300, even 400 words. If you want a simpler topic, just hanging out somewhere, the minimum can be lower. I really, really like this idea and hope it gets implemented!


I like that idea better, because some users like to participate in topics that dont like writing long replies.