Money transfer system

Hidaya Brown 2 years ago updated by World of Potter 1 year ago 1

Dear WoPians,

Every once in a while our users ask in chat if it was possible to transfer money (at least our users do). Obviously that is not possible, but it arises the question: why not, after all?

Since these exorbitant credits were removed, maybe it is the time for something like that instead, however, not like “I want everything” but rather in a somehow modified way.

As far as I am concerned, it wouldn’t make very much sense to just be able to shove one’s money from one character/account to another.

Nevertheless, it can be incredibly annoying having to send objects back and forth, or having to log in with a fainted and actually not really actively used character (a rich one who, of course, doesn’t have 200 Galleons at hand you’d nee to skip hospital wing time – whatever for? There’s always the risk of losing money…).

Jumping back and forth between characters, waiting for them to un-faint to be able to buy wizard cards… this can be quite unnerving.

We have many people who prefer to do their assignments only with one of their characters, so the others don’t have as much money on their accounts… you see, the reasons are versatile.

What possibilities would we have to avoid every new character to be loaded? I’ve given that a thought already, and I do have a few suggestions:

- Galleon transfer not until a certain level!

→ Up to lvl 5 it is not possible to send gifts to anyone. What about using that idea also for the money transfer? What about being able to receive money from someone else from lvl 10 onwards, and being able to give money to someone not before lvl 20 onwards.

(this idea would also give the level system more importance)

- maximum level for Galleon transfer!

→ max. 200 Galleons per day, no matter whether one transfers 2 x 100 Galleons to different characters, or 200 Galleons to one character. This resets every day, like the riddles and anagrams do.

- remittance fee!

→ Needless to say that our goblins don’t work for nothing but thin air. 2% remittance fee, if you please! Thank you ever so much!

The fee is deducted directly from the account when transferring the Galleons.

Of course the Galleon transfer works via Gringotts, not via the gifts, and it would be nice to have a small notification, something of the kind “XY has transferred 200 Galleons to your account!”