The Fainting System

Hufflepuff 2 years ago updated by Carmen Devereux 2 years ago 2

So, we recently had the free VIP system removed. Its purpose was to bring and attract back users, and this sometimes worked. In other situations, it didn't and users seemed to be taking advantage of it. So we can see why it was stopped. However, now that there is nothing to bring users back, there is still the fainting system, which if anything, makes users close the site and not return. It's discouraging and I genuinely don't see why it's even on the site. I'm someone who cannot keep up with the time available to feed my characters (this is even more annoying for users with several characters.) I've often found myself logging on the site to work on replies or anything I have to do and end up getting the fainted notification. It needs to be taken into consideration that not everyone has a lot of time to stick on the sites for longer than an hour in the first place.

On top of that, there seems to be the never-ending problem of users (especially those new) who create topics in the Hospital Wing forum claiming to have fainted IG. This destroys canon so much because if Hogwarts actually had hundreds of fainting students it'd be shut down. Point is, it gives students a reason to break the rules of immersion, be it intentional or not.

So what can be done to fix this?

Completely abolish the fainting system. Users no longer need to feed their characters in the great hall. This serves no IC or OOG puprose whatsoever.

This will no longer demotivate users, allow everyone to not worry about hhaving to log on during the appropriate times, and reduce the numerous forums created in the Hospital Wing that break the rules.

Thank you, 

I hope to hear feedback soon.


    I completely agree, people say that the fainting system so people log in and feed their character, but honestly its a less likelyhood users will stick around that way. The fainting system also gets in the way of people doing their jobs, its annoying for people to ask someone to unfaint them to do some site work. Prefects cant check topics, it makes it harder for teachers to check things on their lessons, for columnists and authors to check on their previous article and more! 

    I understand that they might not be able to remove the fainting system, but at least let it be for many 15-30 minutes or perhaps faint much less often.


    When the site was launched in 2016, then it started out as 4 hours. 1 hour is fair in comparison to that. 

    Though I do agree that it could be longer before you faint.