Nifflers/Easter event

Didi 2 years ago updated by Squirrel Jo 2 years ago 1

Hello everyone! 

So, I don't know if this applies only to WoP ES, or if it was something for every WoP. 

We had an easter event and one of the prizes was a pet Niffler. It's great that we have more animals :) 

The thing is, is an OOG pet. I understand it's unrealistic for so many people to have nifflers, specially early-year students. But, can´t adults or maybe 6th-7th year students be allowed to use theirs IG? It would be a shame to have them withouth the origins, and withouh any impact in the game :( 

Just an idea. As I said, i am not aware if the event was for every WoP, or just for the spain one. 

The idea would be, basically: allow Nifflers to be an IG pet, but only past a certain age. Maybe if you did all years of Care of Magical Creatures? 


I do not believe it would be realistic even for adults. Remember Newt Scamander, one of the best magizoologists in the world, still struggled to watch for his own Niffler and it wroke havoc in NY. Plus Hagrid specifies having a Niffler as a pet in a house is a super bad idea...