Ability to find money as you can lose it

Jean Kettle 2 years ago updated by WoPideasblahblah 12 months ago 2

  We all know that you can lose/ drop money if you're carrying it around and don't deposit it in Gringotts. But realistically, someone else could find the dropped money. I think the addition of a feature that lets you 'find' the money someone else has lost could be a cool add to the WoP sites, making it more realistic and taking out a little negativity from dropping money. It could also be a little burst of positivity!

  I don't know where exactly the mostly small amounts of dropped money go, but if we could make them go to a pool from where it could be drawn to allow people to randomly 'find' it, WoP would not have to put any more in-game money into it. The money itself would not be too much to pose a problem, it would just be about the luck gesture of finding money. It would also be reassuring to those who have lost it, normally a pretty negative thing to happen to you, but knowing that someone else could find it and be happy would make it less bad to lose.


I think this would be great, but that you only should be able to find money again (as you can lose them with peeves by clicking around) if you have the niffler pet