Topic Finder

wiseowlwolff 2 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 2 years ago 5

A lot of users forget where they have a topic or want to reread one. It takes forever to scroll down you wall or look in every possible topic place, so I think there should be a topic finder. It would be like the 'All Users' button but for topics!

I would like this!

You already have a "my topics" category between the owlery/enveloppe symbol and the notifs/globe symbol, which lists all the topics you've participated in + you can follow the topics you want to

sometimes you accidentally delete it (like I did before) :P

I see that this could be helpful!


what if you need to find a topic that isn't followed and you want to follow it but it isn't where they told you it is?

I do think an option to search for topics is a really good idea!