Saving Coding

Bella Roi 2 years ago 0

Right now, after you've coded your Chronicle or PT and then lost VIP, if you make ANY edits at all, be it on purpose or on accident while trying to look at your code or what have you, not only does the code not run anymore (which makes sense) but it also DELETES all of your code (which is stupid). I'd spent at least two whole days coding, then after losing VIP I was copying the code to show a friend who was struggling with her code, and I guess something was changed, and now my text it back to normal. This makes sense, because otherwise non-VIP users would be able to code. What doesn't make sense is why my code, which I hadn't saved elsewhere (because, I don't know, I thought the 'SAVE DRAFT' button was sufficient before I published it) was all deleted and now has to be recoded as I wait for another opportunity for VIP. If this is just a problem no one has brought up, it's not that hard to fix. If this is another antic to get people to buy VIP, I'll have you know that it has actually made me not want to donate to this site, because it's really really annoying when you spend your time on something and are really proud of it, then have it all get deleted so some people can make an extra buck. I'm not saying that's definitely the case, but I really hope it isn't because this site is great in whole, it's just really disappointing for all of my hard work to be deleted, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who's had this happen to them