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BrasonMellows 3 years ago updated by Kelley Mary Lui 3 years ago 5

I want to start off by saying I don't like to bad mouthed anyone but this topic is created because Aquila Lapierre has been banning people for no reason. Multiple people has complained about this and I have as well to my friends on my Discord who is also users on the worldofpotter.com website. I barely knew anybody. I had 8 friends. Most of my wall was filled with my roleplaying using my character. The reasoning for banning said "sht" and I have no idea what that means and neither does the other previous users who've received the same message. It really sucks, because I have had my account for nine mouths, but I also took this three month break due to drama in real life. 

I tried creating a brand new account and messaging Aquila Lapierre, but she bans me again with the same message. It's very unprofessional and I think it's really rude. I doubt anyone who is trying to reach out to the head about a serious problem will be doing anything wrong and to just ignore that person, and ban them sounds like a power-hungry person, sadly.


Was this... even read? I mean, the issue BrasonMellows is experiencing is quite serious and probably ought to be looked into, because banning people for no reason should never happen... “sht” is hardly a reason for having nine months of your character tipped down the drain, tbh, and instead of reading it and looking into it, it’s just been declined without even a comment...


Or, of course, you could always ignore my comment entirely and pretend nothing’s happening as innocent people are being permanently banned from your site for literally no reason. That works too, I guess.


This thing is most likely already been talked about between Aquila and the MoM of the US site, which was why it was declined.

I am also unsure how people are sure that Aquila was the person banning? I think I have seen people write this before and it was usually just trolls doing so.


Actually things like this happening to multiple people. There's an entire talk about this on Skype. 

This really happened and it's from association with drama. Even trying to report drama going on in the USA can get you a banned because apparently you're not suppose to say anything about anything, but the teens on the website aren't always aware of this. Especially if they don't know that there's trolls and spammers on the site. 

This really needs to be talked about and  SunHi Rutherford trolls and spammers needs to be fixed somehow. I am tired of hearing and seeing things about her and people getting banned for trying to report it. 

innocent people don't know that you aren't allowed to say or ask why SunHi trolls is bothering them...