Allow Muggleborns into Slytherin

Christopher 3 years ago updated by Elian Venture 3 years ago 5

So this is a feature that's bugged me for a while as I really wanted to explore the concept of a Muggleborn in Slytherin, given the history of the house. As it stands, if you choose to be a Muggleborn, you are immediately prevented from achieving Slytherin house, even if you answer all the cunning and ambitious answers.

No where in Harry Potter lore does it say Muggleborns cannot be Slytherin and in modern times, the community has become more accepting of Muggles as a whole with more and more half bloods appearing, so why not Muggleborn? Adding to that, the house is chosen by your values, not your blood status. Families often end up in the same house but Sirius Black is proof of that not always being the case. 

I think for the openness and future timeline that World of Potter represents, Slytherin should be able to accept Muggleborns. Their ambition and cunning nature could be stronger than their blood. Besides, imagine the potential for a writer in that scenario? And aren't we all here to open up a world of exploration in our writing and our stories?


I agree with this ^^ Especially because when users sign up, they aren't aware that the site doesn't allow Muggleborns to get into Slytherin, so these users sign up thinking they can get into Slytherin by answering the right questions and end up not getting it. It could even prevent them from wanting to stay on the site because they can't get into that house. 


I don't agree with it, as it is not a canon thing. Salazar Slytherin was blood fanatic and didn't allow muggleborn students into his house. The sorting hat was enchanted long ago and therefore takes that into account. Even halfblood witches and wizards had troubles being in the house, if you look at Snape. If Tom Riddle had known about his bloodstatus, then he would probably have been treated differently, but he thought he was pureblood.
I don't see why this should change. Doesn't fit canon.


While Salazar was a blood fanatic, the influence of the hat is not purely based off blood status. It is considered and the hat himself says it. It was more rare but given the past events and the likely increase in muggleborns (especially after records being maintained now, compared to the destroyed ones), I think there would likely be a higher chance of muggleborn Slytherins. 


Going off what you both said. You could tell the users when they click on the muggle-born option telling them that they wouldn't be able to get sorted into slytherin or even saying it at the top of the sorting as a disclaimer so they are aware. I have been on the site for 18 months now and I didn't know this till I read this.


I agree with Val on this one. If you really wish to be a muggleborn slytherin, there is always the option to pay for it - making the combination rather special and rare. For those who have already paid for it, it would feel unfair if it was suddenly open to all.