We should have friendship bracelets!

Indira 3 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 3 years ago 1

As we all know, WoP is a very social platform. I think that one of the most fun features on the website is the ability to create different relations. Being able to have a best friend, or cousin, really adds to the dimension of role-playing.

With that being said, what is needed to have a long-lasting friendship? A bestfriend-bracelet!!!

How much fun wouldn´t it be to be able to buy a best-friend bracelet for your bff, and perhaps even be able to costumize it/write your friends name on it (or something). It would be a cute and quirky little detail to the character-development!

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This is something you'd want to talk to the MoM/Illustrator lead of your site about (depending what site you're on).