Runaway and Fainted Pets!?

Chloe/ Selene 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 0

Hello hello!

So you know when your pet reaches 33%, it faints right? And you're supposed to give it medicine so you could unfaint it.

And then when it reaches 0%, it officially runs away??

Okay so recently that happened to me, like half of my pets fainted and then 1/3 of them ran away and I was devastated. But besides being sad and all of that, I feel like it's illogical and unrealistic.

In reality, if a pet faints, it faints and then if you don't cure it, it dies, right? Okay so of course we're not going to make pets die on WoX, but how could a pet run away while being fainted? It's literally sick and how does it have enough energy in the first place to run away?

In the beginning, I thought runaway pets are caused from being depressed. Like that sounds realistic. If your IRL gets super sad and lonely, it'll probably leave you. But it won't leave you when it's sick.

So... some suggestions to make this pet scenario more realistsic is to either make them runaway if they don't get cuddle that much (like the next level of depression). Or, you can try finding runaway pets. Such as you find random Potion notes everywhere on the site from the Half-Blood Prince, can't we also make your runaway pets appear randomly across the site? But of course, only you would see it. That way, you can still get your runaway pets back and not regret it for the rest of your life (like me currently...)

Thank you for reading. :)

♡Chloe / Selene / Penelope♡