Dungeon - RP AREA

Chloe Lovegood 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 1 year ago 4

The Dungeons (RP AREA)

The dungeons are a unique place in hogwarts, and not as doom-and-gloom as people think. They are home to areas such as the party room of the Harry Potter Book's "Death Day Party" for Nearly Headless Nick, the Slytherin Common-room entrance and "The Quidditch Cave" passageway which quidditch players used to go form near the Owlery to the Quidditch Tower. In the Dungeons themselves there are many halls and undiscovered mysteries of Hogwarts Castle. There is also a Dungeon Hall, the perfect place for parties!

The dungeons would provide a new place for users to explore as it is part of the Hogwarts Castle not a lot of people ever think to visit, yet is home to the famous Phrase about a certain troll. Though, again, it would be another place to moderate, this opens up the leading to a larger Prefect team and more job offers on WoP!


Get voting! This idea is great! :D

You can always just have the classroom or hallways location say dungeons. But it might get more people involved in using the location if there was a place for it. Mixed on the idea.