Changing your character’s age/year with in game money or vip

Luna Rose 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 7

There should be a one try thing for people who cannot afford to change their character’s age/year: like having in game money for only one time to change your character’s age/year after you use that one time, then you have to pay real money and it should start at 10,000 galleons or have VIP have a chance to change for free just one time.


You mean, you want the site to provide a way where you can change your age/year once for FREE(without using real money) once, but if you want to change it the second time, you need to pay real money?

yes (thats what my ps4 gamer tag change does)

PS4 offers one free change and then charges for any other changes. It's still your money.


WoP isn't a multi-million-dollar corporation though, they're just asking for a simple fee in order for character changes. Age-wise, they're encouraging you to grow and excel with your character!


I don't think so. The site earns money from us buying things. That's how they can keep things running. 

The prices for changes in your character were recently lowered as well, so now it's not too much.

You can always just age up normally as well, as most users do!