Be able to leave a quest alone

Why?? 3 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 3 years ago 3

Yesterday I got the injured unicorn quest and I accepted it, and so I cleaned its wounds. But then I wasn't allowed to clean them any more so I left it alone. Then I had to get off, and I came back today and it was gone. I think you should be able to leave it alone because there was nothing else to do with it.

You have to continue to clean the wounds every so often. So at the time you left, the wounds were clean, but they got dirty again when you were off, and it ran away.

I believe the person asked for a way to refuse the quest instead of waiting knowing they'd fail it, so there's a gain of time ? 

When the quest first pops up, there are two options, to deny it, or accept it. At least, that's what happened when I got it.