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Hello hello!

So you know when you reach Level 3, you are then allowed to grade?

And when you reach Level 5, you can gift people and start topics.

Finally, when you reach Level 10, you can complete the Marauder's Map Quest to get Italics and perhaps create a club.

However, on one of my accounts, I'm on Level 115 and I thought there'd be a Level 100 achievement/ reward but there isn't, which I kind of got disappointed but it's fine; I still moved on.

Level 100 is a great achievement and only a few people can reach that far, and currently, I can't think of what reward you'd get, but I feel like one should be rewarded something if they reach that level? Even a small reward like being gifted with a load of wizard cards is fine cause I'm definitely not desperate for wizard cards.

This is just a suggestion to have more cool things you can earn for every level! :)

Thank you for taking your time on reading this suggestion. <3

♡Chloe / Selene / Penelope♡

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I agree OML Chlo! <3 On one of my accs I am level 99, another I am level 105. So I would agree ^w^


I also agree that reaching certain level milestones increases the motivation to grade and do homework. Perhaps there could also be something at level 50? Because as of now, after level 10 nothing exciting happens - except the notification you get every time you advance. 


Absolutely T^T please

Totally agree with this one!! It would make people much more eager to try to level up. 

just wondering where you access the marauders map quest.