Job list grad teachers

Evelyn Black 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 6

It would be great if there was a seperate category on the job list for the grad teachers! 
Right now they are completely mixed with the 'normal' teachers, which makes it a bit confusing to find them. Also, some teachers appear twice right next to each other when they have a Hogwarts class and a grad class, which is confusing as well. 

So another category would tidy up the list a bit and make it more clear and pretty! (:


This idea would make it really neat! It would also be amazing if we as MoM had the chance to decide whether we want the category on our site or not (similar to the pink team), but still have the grad courses enabled, if we want to use them differently than simply as additional classes :D 

I think this would be perfect. The list is really messy at this moment and it would be nice if we have the grad courses seperated.


Upping this again we really could use this!

I think some have teachers and grad teachers listed separately. At least the site I am on does. Might be a MoM/HM thing.

When this post was made, it was impossible to do so. Now it is.