Job Anniversaries

Aren Whitefeather 4 years ago 0

It is something of an achievement if you have had the same IG job for over a year.
What if when you have held the same job, any coloured job, for a year with no breaks, you get a small symbol in front of your name that day you have your anniversary? Just like when you have a cake on your birthday. It could help people stay motivated to keep their jobs or just an extra little thing as thanks for having the job for a year.

It could also be taken a step further and go like this:

1 year: Green heart

2 years: Teal heart

3 years: Gold heart

4 years: Blue heart

5 years: Forest green heart

(if anyone gets this far you know? Have it go on longer if wanted)

This is just an idea and the symbols could, of course, be changed or just be one symbol like a black star every anniversary. I just thought it could be fun if you'd had the job for so long like MoM's and HM's do, and we could appreciate them more! And maybe not forget our anniversaries like I recently did