Level up rewards

Luna Rose 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 1 year ago 10

What kind of reward? I believe you already get galleons for leveling up, no? :o

Probably item rewards lol

But with galleons, you can buy them yourself, no? :D

Idk if you get galleons when you level up


Currently you are not getting any rewards for leveling up.

Hm, thought I heard somewhere that you did.. My mistake, then

Or some new things you can enter or do with a certain level


I'm not sure but I think when you reach level 10 you can begin to use the @me tag or something in the chat which makes your comment centred and italic so more noticeable, I may be wrong though I just heard it from someone. Like this:

Username: It looks like this


Yeah, with level ten and upwards you can use the /me tag in chats and open own clubs. And you need to be at least level 5 to start RPG topics, if I'm not wrong. Any other options by leveling up?

Some little reward like a few galleons or sweets/drinks (for I feel there are not few people getting knocked out of hunger) would be nice, though. Not every level maybe, but kinda in steps of five or ten, for example. (Hope my English is understandable, seems a little wrong for me, myself, but I don't know better explanation).