Debug for Telephones

gustavbw 5 years ago updated by miLLe 5 years ago 1

I'm running an old Iphone 4S, and I'm having the problem that I cannot load the webpage of another user, simply because of the amount of data it's automaticly loading. When I've clicked on a link which brings me directly to one post, easily - Waching my own, failure.

A "debug" option would be great. I know you're already tracking of people are using their handheld devices or not, so installing this wouldn't be that hard I guess, and would also make it easier to use the phone version of WoP.

What I'm thinking is that, if the webpage detects a phone, it stops loading Gifs. My phone crashes every time I try, and I think the primare reason for this is thise Gif's. (Who are even watching those while on phone??)

Reduced information. Make it optional to view other posts on a user's wall. Have a little button beneath your own writing promp to this wall saying like "View More" - very creative... I know. This would make you enable to write on another's wall without having you phone loading everything. It would aswell smoothen and decrease the amount of time I'm spending, and aswell as probably many others, everytime I try once again to see if my phone crashes this time.

This "Reduced information" option would make it well on your own profile aswell, on written Bgh's, the home page, at your Owls (as many only uses the first five repetivly, so no need of loading the rest while on phone) almost everywhere to minimize the amount of unusefull data and wait time.

This were my basic ideas for making WoP more smooth and easier to use while on phone.

I agree that it would be fine do show reduced infos on the phone (and I know it's already done for the startpage), but if done so, please make things like gifs optional. I myself don't have any issues with my phone and I would hate it for not loading the gifs on there! I also guess there are less people having issues on their phones than there are people for whom it just works well.