Graphics and Decorations

shootingstarsummit19 4 years ago updated by Emma Black 4 years ago 2
There should be more graphics and pictures of Hogwarts and the wizarding world around the site, like in the front page and in the forum areas. Right now it's just text and boxes to look at.

The default colors are pretty easy on the eyes, so I appreciate that, but it would look even cooler if the background was a dark brown and the boxes were a parchment color to give it more of a Hogwarts feel.

Hi! I've made an additional theme for the site to make it more easy on the eyes.
It's a third party app for Chrome that makes the WoP-site grey instead of parchment-coloured.
However, there are still some bugs I'm figuring out and I've only tested it on WoP.SE so far.

Feel free to use it though! :)



Omg! Thank you for this!