Diffrent system to change name.

Thomas Owen Wood 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 4

Dear worldofpotter team,

It has come to my attention that users have to pay real money to change their names.

And I get that this could be an option so that they won't change their name every second day.

But it also can happen that the users didn't completly read through the rules or read through them after they made an account on here and discovered that their name isn't nessarcarley alllowed. That or they mispelled it by accident. Maybe there could be a way that the users send their potential new name through an email and have to wait for it to be approved?

(Although I can see why this could get a bit crowed and tideous to do aswell)

But hear me out, this is in no way criticism, I just think most new users would get confused and or scared off because they have to pay for this option, also Imagine younger children buying this without permission of their parents. 

Maybe you could allow them to change their name for the first time for free and give them an warning that the next time they have to pay to change their name.

I'm just trying to find an solution that could maybe work for both ends, although you guys might not like these ideas, I still think it's a bit much just to change your characters name in my opinion.

Much regards,

Thomas Owen Wood.


If a name 'isn't necessarily allowed' it is being taken care of by Leader of the Backstory Team and if it is misspelled you can always owl the MoM or HM and ask for this change.

Okay, thats fair enough. But since my character is named Thomas Owen Wood, and since we're not allowed to have relations to the original cast I figured my name isn't actually allowed either as far as I would refer to Thomas as Oliver Wood's son for exmple, meaning it's only allowed if he is his own person right?

Sorry im still pretty new to this site, so I might have a lot of questions.


Wood is a very common surname. As long as you don't write in your backstory that you are related to Oliver Wood, you're fine. Feel free to owl me on WoP if you have any more questions!


When a name is not allowed it is changed for free by the management of the site, same when it is misspelled (: