Fan Fiction

Raven Knight 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 3

A fan fiction area, where members can write their own stories (Harry Potter Related). They can either stick right to the harry potter story line or they could expand it into some new and fresh for others to enjoy. 

In this area they can also start a thread (one thread per user) for a character journal, they can give the basic details of a character they want to create, and then other users can give them helpful prompts to help build their character. 

There could also be fun little monthly tasks for users to do like...

- Continue the story, here someone could post the beginning of a story and other members can add a chapter till the end of the month then start another.

- Guess the character, for this users can guess who the character is based on the short fan fiction story. 


Because of copyright issues, I don't believe this would be allowed...

Oh ok i didn't know. Sorry