Be able to eat at shops for a price

WoPideasblahblah 4 years ago updated 8 months ago 9

I think one should be able to eat, like in the great hall, at the different food shops - or perhaps just one of them. So instead of having a bunch of food in you inventory, you could go to a shop and eat for 3 galleons, if you would prefer that, to have the food in your chest.

What is the point of the food items then?


They would still be there for the 'Get all items' achievements. And you can make the 'buying food' cheaper than the 'eat food at this shop' if that is. But could the 'what is the point of all the..' not be said about most things in the shops that does not have an interact option? Like toys and jewelry? ^^

If it was to be easier but more expensive, I'd say at least around 10 galleons, it could be a thing. But I like the idea.


Can we pick meals for certain days or vote on them? 

This would be kool! Like a realistic RPG