Buy VIP with Galleons

kristinaotilija 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 3

So I was thinking…
Everyone has after like 7 Years of Hogwarts a lot of Galleons. If you store them in Gringotts you get even more Galleons trough interest. So here is the question.
What do we do with 100000 of Galleons !? Of course, we can Buy Cards and Collect them. But what about the People who don't care about the Cards ? (Me for example xD)
Wouldn't it be more awesome, if you could buy your VIP for Galleons ? (xxx Galleons = xxx Days/Month VIP)
First of all: It would really motivate People in doing and correcting Homework again.
Second: It would be great for those, who just don't want to spend their Galleons on Cards or what ever.
And third: If you want to buy VIP and Cards, just do and Correct a lot of Homework, Collect Point for your House and get those Galleons !

I agree! I am a little broke IRL, but I have a few IG galleons for sure!