Disable leaving House club

Jenna Armstrong 4 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 4 years ago 2

Now that leaving clubs has been added (and which I'm very happy about, thank you!), I've noticed that it is now also possible to leave a House club. Since these are the very beginning of becoming a member  and the most important of clubs, I think perhaps it should be disabled to be able to leave a House club. Leaving it might leave you missing some important information - there's a reason you immediately get added to your House club after sorting! It also helps us keep track of how many members a site and House has, which might get distorted by people leaving their House clubs.


Yeah, it could become very messy, if people were to leave their house clubs


It has, I've done it. 

It adds more work onto the Head of House, as they now have to readd those in their house who leave, whether accidentally or on purpose, then reapply. 

Perhaps this could be not solely for the House clubs, but for all of the official clubs, that way team leaders don't have to readd their team members if they accidentally leave as well.