Know Support Staff at Hogwarts

Kaito Kyoshou 4 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 4 years ago 2

This is just a small idea, but it could be useful, or at least more fun sometimes to know if there's a Player Character who has a Non-IG job at the school, like Healer, Caretaker, and other members of the Support staff.

(I asked about our Healer another user, who had joined WoP EU much earlier than me, but they said it's probably an NPC. Later I discovered accidentally that we have PC Healer while stalking someone's Profile Text.)

It could be marked maybe in the 'Personnel at School' book in the Library, if there's a PC or NPC in a position.
Maybe NPCs could have names too, and be described somewhere else (NPC Archive?), so we could refer them in topics coincidently.

I think, as far as I know, that we are not allowed to have an IG job at the school.


I'd suggest talking to the Headmaster, Minister, or Library Leader of your site about this! A few sites are working on it, so it may already be in progress!