Birthday VIP

SomeoneWhoIsAlmostAlwaysOnline 4 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 4 years ago 9


So this may be difficult, but I thought that some people can't afford VIP and never had it, and they don't want to be unactive for 2 weeks ( especially those who have jobs) So maybe at their IRL birthdays those who've been active and joined a wo site since the first or second year could have one week of free VIP?

It would be very hard to decipher who would get vip etc.

I agree with Maia. Knowing every user who fits into the requirements you listed would be impossible, no matter how small a site is.

Unfortunately, the VIP is already the way it is to help fund the site, and this could make less people buy VIP if they just wish to wait until their birthday to edit their PT/BS. 

Could you explain further?

what about getting VIP once you graduate?  It would mean having to go through all years on WoP and passing exams!  And it would encourage more people to stuck to the site.

What about those who pay to age up?

Then it wouldn't matter because they would be supporting the site anyway.

Yes, but that is a single purchase, meanwhile VIP is ongoing, assuming they decide to renew it. This would make the site lose a significate amount of funds, causing it to run slower, less new features to be added, and bugs to be more prominent.