Allround function for TA's

Ahmk 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 4

To help out the TA boss, I think it would be great if a few TA's could get an allround function letting them grade homework in all subjects 

It would be a great help to all

This would take away the point of needing assistants in each subject to deal with the assignments. It also makes it more likely for some of the assistants to slack off, as they can say that the others got to the assignments, and some of the assistants may grade everything and leave it unfair to the others.

It also means that there isn't going to be an expert on the subjects. Many times users go to the assistant of a certain subject to get help on the homework for the class and the assistant typically would have more knowledge in that subject due to past help they've given. 


Actually the function of allround TA's would be to help clean out in subjects with massive piles of homework.

Especially sunday evenings. 

It wouldnt remove the need for normal TA's at all :-) 


This was an old function on the former version of WoP called Potterskolen, which I think was a great feature, but I don't think it is necessary now, because back then other users couldn't grade.