Grading guideline directly in the homework

marialouiseje 4 years ago updated by Henrietta Nagy 2 years ago 4

Even though it should be enough that the grading guidelines do exist, sadly a lot of people don't acknowledge them. It's a common problem that AT's have to work extra, solving gradings where the students has chosen to twist the grades simply by hers or his own opinion. A common excuse is that a homework is too short, even though everything within the homework is answered. Even though the grading guidelines already exist, it would be great if it's possible to make it more visible to new students. The reason for that is that new students get their inspiration from the homework they submit themselves instead of actually reading into the guidelines. 

To keep this from happening, maybe it would be possible to make a quick guide with do's and don'ts and what grade to give exactly for first year students and perhaps second year students too. That would mean that they wouldn't miss the informations and if they do, it's because they simply choose not to care about them. That's better than students failing in grading, because they simply don't know better.


Supported! Amazing! 


Yes because when I finish assignment I am confused of what some results actually mean. Good or bad


I feel like this is a bad idea. By making the grading guide shorter you'll miss out important information which is needed to understand the guide. It is the own choice of student to read or not read the guidelines. I don't think swapping in a quick guide would help for that. Also, in the welcoming-owl HoH's normally refer to the guide, so new students know that it's there. People who do not read it choose to not read it, and that won't change because of a summary of the grading guidelines I think ♥

I can't really imagine how to make the assignment grading guide short without missing out important information (as mentioned above) and I feel like it would just overwhelm the grader if they also had to read the guide at the same time as the lesson. They already see the whole lesson and the homework. If there is uneccessarily too much text it will just discourage them to read everything and the homework could end up with inaccurate grades.