Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment and Potage's Cauldron (SHOPS)

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Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment

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Basic Information: 

Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment was a shop which sold items particular to the subject of Astronomy or higher up classes in Hogwarts. It sells items such as Telescopes and mainly focuses on the subjects of Astrological origins. Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment may also sell basic star layout maps, specialist books for such subjects and strange items only available in such a quirky shop. This may also cover Divination, as it includes the process of reading the stars for signs of the future (a skill highly based on knowledge of astronomy). 

More information: 

As Astronomy is an option on WoP, I believe it would be beneficial to have a place for students to by special equipment for that class just like they do for all the others. At the moment, a large telescope would be found in Hogsmeade. However, this does not follow the original theme of students buying most of their supplies from Diagon Alley. I believe a shop like this would add more to the creative community already in place. 

For the first year of Astronomy, the items come as following: 


  •  Astronomy

Usually courses require two items to start, especially if it is a higher year course. I believe this section could benefit from a student buying a "star map" or other item linked with Astronomy which could be bought at this shop idea. It would be an interesting item to be offered in such a shop and would suit the rather IG idea of such a teaching course. 

Known equipment from this shot (Source: Harry Potter Wikia) is: 

  • Brass Scales (3 Galleons)
  • Brass Telescope (5 Galleons)
  • Crystal Phials (7 Galleons)
  • Moon Chart (5 Galleons)
  • Silver Scales (7 Galleons)
  • Glass Phials (5 Galleons)
  • Star Chart (6 Galleons)
  • Globe of the Moon (13 Galleons)

Potage's Cauldron Shop 

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Basic Information: 

Potage's Cauldron Shop was a shop in which students could buy specialist potion supplies (particularly as they continued higher up the school). There are many kinds of Cauldrons available to a student ranging in prices: 

  • Pewter Cauldron, Size 2 (15 Galleons)
  • Brass Cauldron, Size 2 (21 Galleons)
  • Copper Cauldron, Size 2 (25 Galleons)
  • Gold Cauldron (UNKNOWN) 
  • Silver Cauldron (UNKNOWN) 
  • Pewter Cauldron (UNKNOWN) 
  • Self Stirring Cauldron (UNKNOWN) 

More information: 

Pottermore regards cauldrons as a "Necessary tools for any witch or wizard who needs to make a potion", so I believe they  would add something to the site! As of now, I have not seen the availability of cauldrons on site. For further years in Hogwarts I believe it would be a perfect add on to the potion course as, at some point, a student will be required to have their own cauldron available. In the original books, Harry Potter bought his first cauldron in his first year. 

Hope you like these ideas, please let me know either way~ :D 

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