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My question was about how the function is supposed to work, because I might have it wrong

Tbh, I think that'd only get messy with people who don't have VIP and people who do, and the house is there in the pop-up anyway ^-^ 

Yeeessss!! Currently I have one of my clubs bookmarked just for easier access, your idea would solve a lot x)

*bumps in the hopes that this'll get added soon*

Yes yes yes yes yes please I need this. T_T 

It would already be great if the cards you buy at Honeydukes can be opened the same way as the ones you buy with RL money. I don't really see why it has to be different. 

What Kayte said is still relevant. Making homework can take a long time, especially when already having problems writing, and grading can easily be done in between tasks. Even when checking the entire homework, it usually still takes less time than making homework as some assignments submitted are short. I just think overall this suggestion would slow down several things on the site.

Do you mean that users can change the way they view all topic posts, or how theirs are posted? Because I would love for the users to be able to choose always seeing left aligned, or justified!

I agree. Not everyone would like for their birthday to be known to the entire site...