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All the people who just joined at the any job must given 7 days free VIP as a welcome gift.

I know that the email is taken for future acceptance but their must an auto generated email to show us that this email is saved for future. It will help the applicants.

Yeah it's very important because me too seen these many times and it looks really weird.

Like i was trying to say that, I have 4 Harry Potter Wizard Card and i want to give 3 of them to another person.

The Pets can be given by Pet kennel if the original owner is giving that pet by his self choice. It will help both the people.

And what if someone has to set free the pet Rather than he must give that pet to someone as a gift.

Headboy or headgirls means, i mean to say the Head of the House.

It could be possible if the original owner is ready to give the pet.