Not a bug

Lektier bugger på mobilen.

coold 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 4

starter man et forløb i for eksempel forvandling og kommer ind på opgave skrivningssiden, men så forlader den, kan man ikke komme ind igen. 


Det skal skrives på engelsk for alle forstår det, men skal nok oversætte. :D

What she say is: If you start a course on the phone in a subject, then you will get in to the task, but if you leave you can't get in to the task again.

I just logged in to try and see for myself... I did not have this problem in Magical Creatures, but maybe it can be in transfiguration, this I can't check...

If that's the case I must be doing it wrong. You still have to enter that page the same way as the first time, right? By pressing the "Start course" button.. Well it isn't there after pressing it the first time, so if there's another way to enter I would like to know. 


oh well you r doing it wrong. After their first time you just have to pick one of the weeks in fat. (: in the course you started off course