Multiple Answers for Riddles

Luthor Page 4 years ago updated by Michael Wedge 4 years ago 2

As the title says.....

It would be very nice to be able to submit multiple answers for Riddles. When a question is asked, I spend the longest time wondering the correct answer. 

A question like this:

Harry Potter's wand had a core of what?

Answer: Phoenix Feather

Other Answers that could be accepted: Phoenix feather, phoenix feather, phoenix Feather, a phoenix feather, A phoenix feather, etc, etc

All of these answers are the same but with some variation. But with only one correct, its sometimes hard to get the riddles correct without very specific instructions. And for someone with TWO names, like Lord Voldemort/Tome Riddle, its very confusing. 

The small and big letters doesn't make a difference, I've tried that one, but that quostion U show isn't what I think is a problem, but the names you describe under I see as a big problem. On the danish site the teacher of book 4 in Defence against the dark arts is a quostion. Right now the right answer is Barty Ferm jr (Eng: Barty Crouch jr) small or large letters doesn't make any difference, but I do think there is a problem because his name is Bartemius Ferm junior (Eng: Bartemius Crouch junior) so ppl as I, who write the full name, get punished.

Maybe there could be more than one correct, but the full name would give 2 galleons and 1 point more than the short? With a quostion where we talk about Lord Voldemort it would be:

Lord Voldemort - 1 point 3 galleons

Romeo Gåde (Eng: Tom Riddle) - 2 points - 5 galleons

Romeo Detlev Gåde (Eng: Tom Marvolo Riddle) - 3 points 7 galleons

Romeo Detlev Gåde Junior (Eng: Tom Marvolo Riddle Junior) - 4 point 9 galleons

In that way, the better you know it, the more you'll get.


I don't think the WAY you insert it/put it should give you more or less points. With the question you proposed above with Barty Crouch, I see it as Barty Crouch and Barty Crouch jr. are still the same answer, just one with more titles attached. I know Barty Crouch could stand for Barty Crouch sr. which does make it a weird example, but I'm using it here as if Barty Crouch Sr. dosent exist.