More advanced code-options in lessons and articles

April Jaymes 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 6


I know there are more topics quite like this, but I want to again point out it would be nice to have better coding options in lessons and articles. I am a teacher and journalist (house noticeboard) on WoP NL and I have made a lot of codes for my articles / lessons. It's such a disappointment when the code doesn't work and with better code options there would be more possibilities to make my lessons and articles more interesting!

I hope you will take this into consideration!


I do agree and I have made previously a post about the articles part of this

Yeah, I noticed your post!I just thought the lessons needed a mention too :)

Of course! Lessons are very important and some code unfortunately is not supported :( I have upvoted this post though ;)


Just bumping this up! :)


I agree with this idea ! I'm a teacher on WoP FR and I really like to code, unfortunately, I can't do what I really want on my lessons because most of the codes are not supported :/