Selective Notfications

April Jaymes 4 years ago updated by Jelina Emilia Hansen 4 years ago 3

Hello! I love World of Potter, for starters, but honestly, sometimes I am drowning in notifications. This wouldn't be so bad if all of them were helpful or necessary, but most of the time they are just things like "Someone liked your wallpost* or "You are removed from this club" or something like that. 

I know some people care about those things so I am not proposing to completely remove this kind of notifications, but it would be nice if you could select the things you want to be notified about. There could be certain things you could not unsubscribe from, for example the noticeboard, because the information on there is too important to miss, but it would help me a lot to be able to unsubscribe from the things I stated above, so I can focus on the things I find important


It would especially be nice if you could unsubscribe from getting notifications when people like and comment on your wall posts. Those get really annoying after awhile, especially if you aren't even a part of the conversation. Same goes for when you comment on something on someone else's wall and then suddenly other people start commenting as well. You get all the notifications, but you can't unsubscribe in any way. 


I see the point of deciding to turn off notifications for people liking your wallposts and the removed from club, but else I see no purpose of this.
As a CE, then notifications are really important to how my job is and if people are able to turn off the notifications for the articles I post, then nobody will read them and the work we do will not have a purpose.

This would be great, especially because you can have more than one user and maybe play a little more on what you subscribe on...And not getting the same 3 daily notifications on every user.