Addition of Red Pandas in the Magical Menagerie

Adalynn Greenwood 4 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 4 years ago 2

Just me wanting my favorite animal in the shop so I can buy a lot of them. They're rather exotic and not available as household pets in the real world so they would be semi-expensive to expensive on the site. 

On another note, they're basically cats in a way and they would be fun to have. Also they're cute, I mean just look at him


One of the site rules is that you cannot have any pets that are not in the Magical Menagerie unless you are a graduate. If this were added, then students would be allowed to have red pandas as pets and in Hogwarts. 

This is very unrealistic as:

a) They are not one of the listed pets students may bring to Hogwarts

b) Red pandas are endangered, so having one as a pet would be illegal

c) Red pandas do not like domestic life and would be very unhappy as a pet. They are also very difficult to take care of and raise, so allowing a student to own one would be VERY unrealistic.