Status availability & Editing posts.

Berls 4 years ago updated by Squirrel Jo 4 years ago 1

I had 2 suggestions.

Number 1.

We currently have some statuses like seer, animagus etc. But somehow they are almost impossible to obtain. They even have some that are locked, but you can't obtain them. What's up with that?

So my suggestion, make all the statusses available, I'm not saying give them away for free but make them purchasable, obtained through special quests that sometimes randomly pop up during posting and stuff. Or anything else that works. 

Basically: Give people the oppurtunity to actually obtain ALL statusses without making it too easy or too hard.

Number 2.

Give people to edit their posts up to 1 time so that if they made a mistake they can fix it and you wont end up with threads that have posts with errors in them. Also, it would be a great help if you could delete and/or lock the thread that you made so that if you made a mistake or it's old you can close/delete it. 

Want to keep your forum clean, this is step 1.

Hope I'm not the only one who thinks like this.




So first of all, I suggest you to post your two suggestions in separated topics so we can comment and vote separately on each of them ^^

Second, well, I'll comment here for now X)

I understand your frustration about the statuses being very hard to obtain, and I know some sites do very few status competitions. However this is made for the status thing to remain very special and exceptional : why does everyone want a status ? Because it's very hard to obtain. Desire can only be caused by the lack of something. Therefore if we made too many status competitions, people would participate less, put less effort in it, and at some point lots of people would have statuses and those wouldn't be "desired" as they are today. But if you really feel like it's been a while your site hasn't held a status competition, I believe you can owl someone from the management to suggest one. 

And finally, I'd like to highlight that with your idea of statuses being "achieved", I understand that people reaching for example level 30 would automatically get, let's say, a Werewolf status. However, in addition to the "lack causes desire" problem, there would be a problem with people not wanting to actually have this status. Having a status means that you have to include it in your backstory, make your character behave slightly differently, it's a lot of work that people won't necessarily want. And finally, with too many people having statuses, the staff, backstory team and prefects would really have a hard time regulating everything, like RPs and backstories. 

About your second idea, I believe it could indeed be a good idea, as it would allow us to lock our own topics and therefore prevent trolls from joining it and stuff. However I expect it to lead to some abuses, for example people deleting "sensitive" topics they don't want prefects of staff to find. So unfortunately, I don't think it could be done on such forums. 

I hope you understand my point of view ! 

Kind regards, 

~ Y.