Large part of profile text being cut off as VIP

Jada Nightflame 4 years ago updated by MidoriCottonwood 3 years ago 6

There seems to be a bug with the profile texts for VIPs. My profile text was fine until I coded a song into it. Then, when I went to check my profile text, it showed the following:

This has happened before but then it was just as though it didn't load properly, and could be fixed by just clicking around one or two times. Now, however, that doesn't work. What DOES, however, work, is the following: go to edit profile text, click in the text field, and click save. When you go to your profile then, it's back to normal.

However, it hasn't been like this before, and can be quite disturbing, especially for people whose profile texts are now cut off without them noticing or knowing how to fix it. It hasn't only happened on WoP, it's also happened on World of Walkers (a friend told me about it) and possibly more sister sites:

Note: I do not know if it's like this for non-VIP users as well at the moment. I have no idea when this started to happen and currently do not have any non-VIP accounts to test it on.

Thanks for reading this! ^^


This probably has to do with your code for the song and not with the profiles from the World sites itself, I had the same problem a while ago.


Try to put the code for the song on your profile at the top, and then the rest of your profile code. That should work.

Will try next time it happens, thanks!

Actually I just talked to that friend who had the same problem - she didn't have a song coded into her profile text yet when it was cut off


Does other have the problem on ur profile or is it only u just seing that small of a text?


To fix stuff like this you have to add a height to your body 

for example:

<body style="height:800px;"> or in your style tag <style> body{ height:800px; } </style>