Trading and the WOP in a hole way

Alexand 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 2

Your own casaroll, where you can brew all poitons.
Collect or purchace plants and ingrediens - to brew you poition
And the poition condition should reflect grades  and completed cources of poition.
Also, you will be apple to give a potion to other, and the ingrediens can be bought from the farmasie or other players.
And you can sell your own brewed potion.

Abbility to have you own plants, nurche them, and "see" them grow.
When the are larger - cut ingrediens of them or split them into 2, and sell one.
Buy a pot, the seed and soil and fertilizer (dragon poo), and remeber to water them.

Brewing and plants idea, will give the oppotionty to buy from diagonally but also to sell to them.
Also buy and sell to others players. 

And even more, the realistic of IG, that you only can use the ingrediens, plants and poitions if you have them - maybe in a RPG with other - a button where you could choose to use one of the items, otherwise it does count.

Animals (breeding):
We now have all the nice animals, but not dragons, phenoix or else.
But if there where some places with this, you could buy, dragon poo to your plants, phenoix feather to the wand, phenoix tears on bottle, and so on.

Also in addition to this, after have finish the wandlore education - a wandlore could make wands and sell them - to Olivanders - to make money.


I think this will go from RPG to a whole pc game, and that would ruin the RPG parts...