Feedback on feedback

Olivia Merabeth 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 9

At the moment we can not give feedback on the feedback that is given by someone else. Perhaps it would be nice to open an option where you can re-open an already closed 'grade'. Sometimes I see that not everyone is as sharp in reviewing homework and submitting feedback, and a student gets a grade they don't deserve. (either a better or worse grade) 

The option to complain as a student about your homework should be there also to complain as someone who gives feedback, when all feedback is given. 

I meant * The option to complain as a student about your homework does already exist, but the option to complain as someone who gives feedback, when all feedback is given, should also be available. 


I think it will be a problem because it could start a shitstorm...


I think this could be a very smart idea, but like Jelina says, it could definitely start a shitstorm. Let's say a student on WoP deserves an Outstanding, the highest grade, and you accidentally grade it Acceptable. Four others do grade it as Outstanding, which means the student will probably get an Exceeds Expectations as an average. 

The student complains, and the grade is corrected. All is well. 

Now, with your addition, the grade would be corrected, but the person who accidentally graded it wrongly will receive about 4 replies saying they did it wrong; they should pay more attention, et cetera, et cetera. This site is supposed to be fun, and this could be really discouraging because everyone makes mistakes sometimes. 

If you see someone consistently give wrong grades (which would be hard since grading is anonymous), you can always contact a(n assistant) teacher and tell them what you think, but having the chance to (anonymously) tell people what they're doing is wrong without knowing if it was a simple mistake or not could suck all the fun out of the site.


That is also a fair point, i dont often see it happen, so therefor I do not think there wil be a big problem at all. We are all grown ups right?


There’s a lot of kids at some of the sites.

The sites are 13+ so there are plenty of younger users, and even if there weren't, not everyone is mature. 

On the danish it's for everyone so there r younger users than 13 ^^ But yeah I agree


I agree with what has been said in the comments, and I would just like to add that we, as graders, can't try and fix everyone's feedback. If the student isn't pleased with the feedback they received, they could, after discussing it with the teacher, send in a complaint so that the graders could be made aware of their feedback. Same goes for when a student has received an EE for no reason and the final grade is O - then they can discuss with the teacher whether they can submit a complaint for this so that the bad grader can be made aware.