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> Submitted Homework should have a 24 hour grade period were student can edit the assignment before it sent for grading.

> Peers should not have the final say in the grading but should be able to critique/give advice on how to better future assignments.

(side note: students who review should still get house points based on the fairness of their review.)

> Teachers and AT should get the final say on the grade to prevent unfair grading
(side note: if this was implemented Teachers should be allowed to have 3-4 ATs.)

> Before you submit homework it asks if you're sure. If you're not sure, click NO. Remember you can also click "save draft" and come back to your homework later. This totally eliminates the need for a mandatory editing period. 

> 80-90% of peer grading goes well. If you don't agree with a grade you've gotten, you can always file a complaint and the AT and Teacher will still look at it. 

> Teachers and ATs will have the final say if regular grading doesn't add up or if a student complains about their grade.

Overall, all of these things are basically not that big of a problem. 

-bg here said it perfectly. Your homework can be saved and you don't need to submit it until you're sure it's ready, so having a certain amount of time to edit it isn't needed. 

With the part about teachers and ATs having the final say in the grade, this will cause many problems. First of all, even with 3-4 ATs, that is a lot of homework that they will need to go through and the grading system will get vary clogged. Also, ATs and teachers can still give unfair grades and once an AT or a teacher grades the homework, you cannot send it a complaint. 

If there is any unfair grading, like -bg said, it can be sent in as a complaint and handled that way.

There is no reason for any of these things to be changed in the ways you suggested.